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Logistic City is a suite of solutions that can be used individually or jointly, freely arranging the various modules available allowing you to grow the company over time, step by step according to the business needs of the moment and by offering a single point of access to all the enterprise applications business.


What is Logistic City?

Logistic City is a platform developed for control and management of your employees, real useful, safe and reliable. Blend functionality of ERM (Enterprise Resource Management) and functionality of CMS.

Developed for middle and big company that need a very flexible information system using instruments to communicate information and data to people, share information with their customers, partners, suppliers.

Easy way to collaborate different users who interact with same company, to coordinate activities and resources through clearly defined processes, to control at all times efficiency of business processes.

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Simply, Realible and Safe

Platform is easily scalable and customizable adaptable to needs of each company. Easy way to manage drivers, vehicles, deadlines, costs. Product containes many function and it's built to be comptabile with all device and all browser.

A innovative project to manage your team easy, by using logistic city you can improve your activity from web. Logistic City is compatible with all kind of device and support browser compatibility, making managment really simple to learn and teach every employees.

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Easy way to Manage your Company

Logistic City develops the paradigm of the "Virtual WorkSpace" (virtual space) and the "Paperless Office" (office without the presence of paper sheets).

Virtual workspace means literally "virtual workplace" real organization where members (administrators, supervisors, employees, vehicles, suppliers) can find services and context data and profiles they need to do their jobs, contributing optimize organizational processes to support your business strategy.

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$49.99 / month

  • Single license
  • Max 3 offices
  • Limited functions
  • Assistance on line


$99.99 / month

  • Public license
  • Max 10 offices
  • Limited functions
  • Assistance on line


$199.99 / month

  • Unlimited license
  • Unlimited offices
  • All functions
  • Assistance Dedicated


3 Free / month

  • Demo on line
  • Create subsidiaries
  • Try all functions
  • Assistance on line
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